Better, More Durable, Almost Perfect – The Role and Importance of Plastics for Development of the Automotive Industry

Jacek Szczerba - Genplast

Plastic parts & components – a new way to effective appearance control

Tomasz Więckowski - Eurotom (BYK MAC)

Mistakes in designing adhesive joints

Przemysław Kuśmierek - Bodo Möller Chemie

Technology and Sustainability trends in powder coating

Enno T.Kok - Global Product Manager AkzoNobel

E-coating: Overview and Troubleshooting

Anıl Başçetin - Kansai Altan

Green and environmentally friendly coating systems for railway industry

Piotr Ziegert - Kansai Helios Group

Print paint and more

Sébastien Salze - Kremlin-Rexson

Automation & Paint Efficiency – Why Automation – Paint Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Philippe Godbil - IPD Finishing Department, Graco

Autonomous & Efficient 2-3K paint application

Thibault Cognon - Kremlin-Rexson

3D scanning automatic coating systems for large objects

Michal Falkowski - Gema

Discussion panel – future of industrial paint systems

Anetta Rzadkosz – Volvo Bus, Barken Gürdal and dr. Jürgen Weidner – Kansai Altan, Phil Coady - SPOSEA, Enno T. Kok - AkzoNobel Powder Coatings,