Sponsor’s Zone

This Conference ensures an unique opportunity for sponsors as:

  • strong brand promotion during the conference and beyond
  • within the package demonstrations of products and / or solutions;
  • free of charge stands in a modern hotel (for Gold and Silver Sponsors)
  • a special time just for Exhibitors and Sponsors
  • distinguished place in a newsletter and a report to be sent to journalists, portals, manufacturers, contractors, suppliers, etc.;

And in addition:

  • meetings with Polish and other European companies;
  • contacts with representatives of vehicle manufacturers, subcontractors, body and paint shops and their suppliers
  • possible direct talks with key people as management, technology, production, R&D, purchasing departments;
  • in addition, it is possible a product presentation during a session of practical demonstrations

Sponsor’s Zone

Sponsor Exhibitor*1
15 minute presentation of the company during the session Yes
Exhibition and demo space in the Expert Zone *2 10 m 8 m2 4-8 m2
Possibility to organize live demonstrations of equipment and chemical products *3 Yes Yes Yes
The ability of showing ad movies 5 min 2 min 2 min
The possibility of receiving a list of participating companies Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free invitations for the Conference, including stand service (does not include accommodation and traveling) 6 PCs 4 PCs 2 PCs
The ability to include marketing materials or gadgets to conference package (two leaflets or brochures, the possibility also to include CD) Yes Yes Yes
Ability to set ad items in front of the entrance to the hotel in a place indicated by the organizer Yes
The ability to supply leashes with sponsor’s logo to IDs for the participants of the Conference Yes
The ability to provide conference bags with sponsor’s logo Yes
The ability to display roll-ups in the lobby and meeting room *4 5 PCs 3 PCs 2 PCs 0-1 PCs
Image advertising in the printed Conference materials Yes Yes Yes
The exhibition logo on the home page of the Conference *5 Yes Yes Yes
The possibility of placing a banner on the dynamic Web page  *6 Yes
Sponsor’s logo in mailings posts  *7 Yes Yes Yes
Presentation of the logo on the banner/screen on stage during the general session of the Conference Yes Yes Yes
Sponsor’s logo on the participants IDs Yes Yes Yes
Possibility of sponsorship or any set from the Organizer, enrichment and participate in evening event Yes Yes Yes Yes
The net amount*8 ~4,650 Euro ~3,000 Euro ~1,800 Euro 300-900 Euro *9

 Additional comments:

  1. All details regarding exhibitors are given separately
  2. All sponsors’ stands are located in the “A” zone, adjacent to the Conference room. Additional exhibition / demo space possible at price 120 €/ m2
  3. Live demonstrations are paid separately and include hiring of tents and equipment as generator, air compressor, etc.
  4. Characters / branding and roll-ups must be notified in advance and given at least 1 day prior to the beginning of the event at the address indicated by the Organizer
  5. Exhibition logo on the home page of the Conference in the “Sponsors” part
  6. Banner provided by Sponsor in accordance with the guidelines of the Organizer
  7. Sent to Conference attendees by the Organizer
  8. There are net amounts and for Polish companies the Vat tax must be added
  9. Depends on the stand size of its location area. Does not include exhibitor’s staff cost

Note: the number of gold and silver sponsors, area for exhibitor stands and places for live demonstrations are limited. Decide the order of submissions!

For application and if you have any questions please contact us on:  konferencja@chemiaimotoryzacja.pl, or marek.mozdzynski@mwmeg.pl, phone: +48 602 451 905